First impressions matter, especially when you’re trying to sell your home. Many studies have shown it takes people just seconds to judge whether they want to live in your home, and mere minutes to decide whether they want to buy it. That’s why kerb appeal is so important in the busy Melbourne property market, where buyers will often see loads of different homes in one day. Kerb appeal basically means the attractiveness of your home when it’s viewed from the street, and there are lots of things you can do to improve it, from trimming plants to painting your house, but here’s why adding a concrete driveway is one of the best ways to add kerb appeal.

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Space to park

If you live in any of the areas close to the CBD, or even near train stations popular with commuters, you’ll know that some parts of Melbourne have parking issues. Therefore, a home that has a concrete driveway in Melbourne instantly has appeal over the competition, meaning people won’t have to fight to find an on-street space.

Welcoming visitors

When people come to your home with the intention to buy, it’s important that the front of your home welcomes them in. They should be able to easily find your home, and pull up outside, giving them time to appreciate your property. Having a proper driveway means they can park easily, and won’t have to circle around looking for a space, which puts them in a stressful frame of mind before they step through the door. People who are looking to buy your home will be looking out for little practical touches such as this, so it creates a great first impression.

Well-maintained homes

In the Melbourne property market, most buyers want family homes that can be moved into quickly, without them having to do a lot of work. A buyers first impression should be that your home is well looked after, and this can include touches such as:

  • Ensuring your home and driveway are freshly painted
  • Mowing the lawn and trimming back shrubs
  • Adding a clear house number sign – making it easy to find
  • Repairing the roof and any exterior damage

The idea is to create a home that looks well-loved, which will assure potential buyers that there aren’t any nasty surprises to be found down the line. Concrete driveways and other additions not only look good, they show that you’ve taken the time to improve your home, and therefore it has been looked after well.

Added value

Any additions you make to your home, from extensions to driveways, all add up. Adding a concrete driveway can therefore be an excellent investment in your home, allowing you to get a higher price when you sell, as well as attracting more potential buyers, which can mean you sell much more quickly.

If you are considering having a concrete driveway installed to improve your kerb appeal, simply call Concept Concrete on 1300 366 343. Concept Concrete cover the Metropolitan Melbourne area and beyond, so get a quote today.