Looking for inspiration to refresh our gardens and outdoor areas certainly isn’t hard to come by, the biggest challenge by far is trying to choose some ideas that fit both our personal taste and our budget. The blog team at Concept Concrete have been trawling the internet looking for ideas that catch our eye. Please bear in mind the 5 garden design ideas below are just a brief snapshot of the ideas detailed online, so here we go:

  1. New Pavers/Stepping Stones 

You’d be surprised just how effective pavers and new stepping stones are in lifting a garden’s overall appearance. Relatively inexpensive and suitable for almost any size of garden, these subtle additions can complement everything from colourful plants to decking to a purpose-built path to the pool. Fill any gaps with carefully selected pebbles and you have created a garden focal point at a relatively low price point.

  1. Wall Gardens

 The vast majority of garden walls do not lend themselves to an open and relaxing atmosphere. Their appearance is generally drab and most of the time are only there to separate your property boundary from your neighbours, provide privacy and act as a deterrent to would be intruders, but they can be brightened up. Aside from the obligatory yearly lick of pain they can be also be transformed in to a bright and beautiful wall garden. The internet is awash with some terrific pictures, so browse away and find some ideas for your forthcoming wall garden.

  1. Lighted Paths and Walkways

 Lighted paths and walkways are a terrific way to transform your garden at a low price. Many garden supplies specialists stock a range of lights specifically for this purpose. Aside from looking absolutely stunning, this minimal lighting can help you navigate the path on dark winter evenings.

  1. Using Concrete and Stone

 Using concrete and stone in a garden gives it a stylish and orderly appearance. These hardwearing materials have been a feature of Australian gardens for many years, and in garden design terms, have become a timeless classic. Polished concrete plant terraces either side of the path can look striking accompanied by the right plants and flowers. The flowers’ bright colours in contrast to the appearance of the concrete creates a look that ultimately never goes out of fashion.

  1. Water Features

 Gardens featuring water features come and go as the years go by but well-designed water features, positioned in the correct place, will stand the test of time. Aside from being attractive to look at, (whilst providing birds with a drink stop!) the sound can be a relaxing natural antidote after a day in the busy city. One word of caution though, when selecting a water feature, make sure it’s designed well and not a passing fashion, this will ensure your water feature won’t look out of place next year!

For more information on garden design and landscaping please feel free to contact Concept Concrete. Although we are concrete specialists, we are happy to hear your ideas about your forthcoming garden makeover.

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